All About The Taylors...

     Entering their 13th year in Southern Gospel, The Taylors are an award winning brother-sister trio from the heart of North Carolina.  With their smooth family blended harmony, Jonathan, Suzanne, and Chris have been delighting listeners with their spirits and enthusiasm through music. They are dedicated to stirring up the faith of the Christian community, and reaching others with the good news of Jesus Christ is their #1 priority. The Taylors currently perform across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, and the UK. Since their formation in 2006, God has allowed them to see over 10,000 decisions for Christ.

     The Taylor siblings grew up as members of Fellowship Church, a small country church, where their father has been ministering as a Southern Baptist minister for nearly 33 years. With their mother's guidance as their music director, it was around the church piano that The Taylors created and honed their beautiful family harmony. The sound of the group has only grown tighter and better as the years go by. 

    Growing up in a Christian home has reinforced their faith and values, and has created in each of them a strong desire to proclaim their salvation through the ministry of music. God is at the very center of The Taylors' ministry and also at the center of their hearts. They consider themselves extremely blessed to be able to sing for The Lord.

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