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It's Christmas

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      Christmas at The Taylors’ is always an exciting time! There are so many fun memories that we have shared over the years, and it seems that each year gets even more special with the addition of new nephews and nieces!

     “Mom always had a nativity scene displayed on the piano around Christmas time. During the week before Christmas, each night our Dad would tell us a part of the Christmas story. The best moment of the evening was when Dad would let us each select a character from the nativity scene to act out the parts of the story. I always chose one of the wise men!” - Chris

     “Some of my favorite Christmas memories happened on Christmas Eve. Mom and Dad would let us each choose one gift from underneath the tree to open that evening, and I remember playing with my gift late into the night until I would fall asleep.” - Leslie

     “It was always hard for me to sleep the night before Christmas. I could hear Mom in the next room wrapping those last-minute gifts late into the night, and I would try to imagine what would be waiting for us under the tree in the morning. We would wake up at some crazy hour before dawn and drag our parents out of bed...but no one ever complained! You should have seen the living room after all six kids opened up every gift - there was wrapping paper everywhere! Dad would fix us breakfast, and we would play with our gifts until it was time to celebrate all over again at lunch at Mimi's and Papa’s house. As if that weren’t exciting enough, we would spend Christmas evening at Grandma's and Grandpa’s house! The gifts were nice, but the best part of the day was being able to spend it with the whole family!” - Suzanne

     “Growing up, Mom and Dad always kept the focus of Christmas on the birth of Jesus. Christmas Eve was a special time for me as a kid because we would have a candlelight service at our home church, and Mom would play the piano while we sang our favorite carols. Singing “Silent Night” during the service was special to me even at a young age because it reminded me of the true reason for the season.” - Jonathan